Carlomaria is a singer-songwriter born in 1993 in Northern Italy.

From his childhood he has grown up surrounded by music. At the age of twenty, especially when he listens to the music played by Australian singer-songwriter John Butler Trio he decides to fly to the land down under. 

Living life on the road, traveling trough desert and farms, feeling the sense of hope in his solitude, Carlomaria digs into and deepens his artistic research. Inspired by the story of Christopher McCandless he ends the journey in the cold lands of Alaska, and realizes the dream of an intimate journey: to hike the Stampede Trail up to the Magic Bus, which was made famous by the book and the movie "Into the Wild".


Between 2016 and 2017, once he returned to Italy, he recorded his early EPs “Things I need to know” and “Feel the love”, both of which produced by the award-winning Jean Charles Carbone. In 2019, he started to collaborate with the MTV awards and Sanremo Festival winner Sonohra, with whom he co-wrote the single “All of my soul”.


He played over a hundred gigs between 2016 and 2020 walking some of the most important Italian stages as Carroponte in Milan, Villa Ada in Rome and New Age Club in Treviso. During 2018, he supported the “Into The wild night” tour playing in front thousands of people all around Italy.


At the advent of the pandemic, he started working on his first full album, but recording sessions  were postponed several times because of lockdown restrictions.
In March 2022, he moved back to Melbourne in order to restart busking, playing in clubs and continuing work on his album with local musicians and producers.