Carlomaria (19 January 1993) is a singer-songwriter born and raised in a small town of northern Italy.

At the age of 20 he flew to Australia where he lived and worked, hitchhiking from city to city till the day he bought his own car which became his home for the last five months of his adventure.

After Australia he flew to Alaska and walked the Stampede trail through the Denali national park, crossed rivers and reached to the Magic bus known to the world for the book (and the movie) Into the wild.

During his trip Carlomaria had the chance to play with international musicians and wrote songs that he started to record once he came back in Italy in 2014. In 2016 he met the producer Jean Charles Carbone with whom he started to work on his first album. In 2019 he release "Things I Need To Know" EP, a preview of his first album distibuted by ArtistFirst.

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